Saturday, August 6, 2011

The "man" stigma

After a long break i think its finally time to make a return with a post ive had on my mind for a while but never really thought about voicing until I started using stumbleupon. If you dont know what that is its basically the best thing of all things ever, it takes your interests and creates a personalized google for everything you should care about and present them to you one after another, i cant stress how awesome it is it is basically the internet on steroids. Well anyway before i get too off track i stumbled upon multiple sites talking about how the two sexes are supposed to act in social situations and of course there is a lot of truth to the differences between men and women because of the chemical and genetic differences but this has almost nothing to do with the way our minds work. What im talking about is the way men and women are supposed to act around their friends, from the way they behave, the things they talk about, and the activities they take part in. We've all seen the bias that men are supposed to watch sports and talk to their friends about the game the next day to get off a testosterone high while they all get chubs from that catch or the dunk shaq had. But why do we have to be limited to that mindless banter? Sports promote a community where there is actually none to be had, they make you think you have a connection with someone who you may have nothing in common with and people love finding that they have something to talk about, a universal go to if you run out of conversation topics. But more and more this mentality is taking over male converse and whenever someone has no fucking clue what the others are talking about they are obviously a fag, right? Because that is the only sensible conclusion, what other reason would they have to not participate in watching a pointless sporting competition that is repeated almost every night of the week? Well the truth is that you are becoming lemmings from the pressure to participate, no one likes to feel left out so they pretend to enjoy watching sports at first until they watch so much that they fool their mind into believing they actually love them. But when it really boils down to it who are the truly fun/rememberable people that you talk to? The ones that you sit outside at night with look up at the sky and contemplate your existence, or the cool guys who all group around the cool locker/frat house/water cooler/bar/whateverreallyoldguyshuddlearoundandtalkaboutsports? Now i know this might be a hard question for those who are already brainwashed into watching communityball (my new name for sports solely based around the community aspect) but i guarantee you will feel much more accomplished and actually enjoy yourself if you start thinking rather than mimicing. So please next time you start to get dragged into a sports talk change the topic to something actually worth talking about and if you get called a fag or pansy just realize how little you will actually learn from that talk and go learn something. Also i was going to talk about the stigma of a girl but its late, im tired, and nobody reads this shit anywhere its more just me venting and people not reading. But thats fine it works for me and i have fun so if you have a problem with me posting this on facebook or wherever i post it go ahead and call me out id love to hear you bitching at me than the (insert sports team of your choice) game. Also facebook fights create great pubilicity so I actually encourage you to start shit with me on facebook, looking forward to fighting with you in the comment section!

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