Friday, August 19, 2011

Comfort Zones Suck

This post is way overdue but there is no time better than right as people are leaving for college to go ahead and share my thoughts on this issue. First off im going to establish my view on what a comfort zone is. A comfort zone in my opinion is the normal routine one goes through that they become so used to that it inhibits them from enjoying any experience outside of their norm. So first off its pretty obvious that by not experiencing new things you are really only stopping yourself from seeing life from a different perspective or having a great night you will never forget ( whatever that means to you ) whether its watching a movie youve never seen before or hitting up a friend you dont normally hang out with there should really be nothing stopping you from doing so because it could be the start of something great. whenever going into a new experience outside of your comfort zone like this make sure that you dont stop yourself from enjoying the time you spend doing it by getting caught up on the other things you would rather be doing. Its much easier to sit in the corner and pity yourself for either putting yourself into a situation you dont want to be in or even if you are dragged into a situation you dont want to be in but much harder than that is to look at yourself from someone else who is enjoying themselves' perspective. You may see yourself as being true to who you really are, but why limit yourself to who you are? The much more progressive choice is to never stop becoming who you can be. What i mean by that is by broadening your horizons you can have those experiences first then later decide whether you want to experience them again. A great way to enhance your chances of enjoying yourself is by initiating the experience it will make all the difference to how people perceive you and make the world a better place by creating a positive environment where people will always feel a sense of belonging. Applied to a college setting its much easier for me to explain my point. When new freshmen are all incoming there are very few students who come into school thinking about all the awesome times they are gonna have and the much more likely attitude is that they are leaving all of their friends to an ocean of unknown people who they probably have nothing in common with. The problem with this is that whether you realize it or not probability is on your side. At a common college there are thousands of students compared to the hundreds that attended your high school so your chances of relating with another person in college are actually much greater. This goes back to the constant fear of the unknown that all humans inherently possess. The majority see the unknown and think i guarantee there will be no one like me in college so im just going to try and stay connected with the people i know from high school and keep my comfort zone in tact. But college is a great place where you can change anything about yourself, you can truly be exactly who you are and chances are you will be able to find at least one person who shares many of the same interests. So I guess i can sum up that really lengthy run-on paragraph up into one sentence. Never stop yourself from growing and always be open because who you are now will never be who you are in the future, the only thing you can count on in life is change and college is the perfect place for that. Swag.

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